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1.  Social Welfare Act 2049

2. Social Welfare Regulation 2049

3. Social Welfare Information Bulletin

4. SWC Organogram

5. SWC All Departments Guidelines

A. Guideline for GA, Service & Facilitation

B.  Guideline for PA Appraisal

C. Guideline for NGO Approval

D. Guideline for NGO Affiliation

E. Guideline for Monitoring & Evaluation

F.   Guideline for CPAC/ DPAC

6. List of SWC INGOs (2071/072 Asadh)

7. SWC INGOs Detail Informations (2071/072 Asadh)

8. SWC I/NGOs Charts

9.  Call for Evaluation Consultants (published date: 2072/04/14)
10. Special Attention for General and Project Agreement Processing
11. High Level Committee for Disaster Management and Coordination
12. Reporting Format for Earthquake Relief

13. NGOs Getting Approval (Fiscal Year 2070/71 Baisakh)

SWC affiliated NGOs Searching

SWC affiliated NGOs Searching

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  • SWC Officials

  • Member Secretary

  • Spokesperson

    Mr. Shiva Kumar Basnet
    Mr Shiva Kumar Basnet
    Contact no: 9841360774
  • सूचना अधिकारी

    Mr. Durga Prasad Bhattarai
    Mr Durga Prasad Bhattarai
    Contact no: 9851187662